Asset Mapping as a Tool for Identifying Resources in Community Health: A Methodological Overview

  • Tanvir C Turin University of Calgary
  • Maaz Shahid
  • Marcua Vaska
Keywords: Community Health Research, Asset Mapping, Health Service Research



By focusing on a community’s strengths instead of its’ weaknesses, the process of asset mapping provides researchers a new way to assess community health. This process is also a useful tool for assessing health-related needs, disparities, and inequities within the communities. This paper aims to serve as a basic and surface level guide to understanding and planning for creating an asset map.


A step-by-step guideline is provided in this paper as an introduction to those interested in creating an asset map using organizational outlines and previous application in research projects.


To help readers better grasp asset maps, a few examples are first provided that show the application of asset maps in health research, community engagement, and community partnerships. This is followed by elaboration of the six steps involved in the creation of an asset map.


This paper introduces researchers to the steps required to create an asset map, with examples from published literature. The intended audience includes students and researchers new to the creation of asset maps.